Giulia TI Replica - Track Day Car

Next car in line was a 1972 Giulia Super which had been built as a Giulia TI replica for track day usage - it was  built by Jouni Hänninen from CC Motors,

List of modifications is impressive:

  • High compression pistons 10.4:1 and the head has been shaved a full 1.2mm
  • Conrods/connecting rods have been blueprinted/balanced
  • Inlet valves are 46mm from BMW
  • Exhaust valves are 38mm stainless steel
  • Camshafts are Colombo & Batiana CB48 racing AR.CT1 300 degree
  • Dynoed at built 170-180HP-DIN
  • Rear axle is 2000GTV with LSD with a 1600GTJ 4.56:1
  • Front suspension has new bushings, adjustable camber, and hub, ventilated discs and 2-pot caliber from a Montreal.
  • The Gearbox is a special built unit from Finland - close ratio (FIA - specs) as GTA :
  • 1. 2.54
  • 2. 1.70
  • 3. 1.26
  • 4. 1.00
  • 5. 0.86
  • And last but not least, adjustable suspension, custom built, front and rear.

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