Alfa Romeo 75 Evoluzione

Next in line after my Giulia TI replica was a fantastck Alfa 75 Turbo Evoluzione.
I almost bought this car back in 2009, but a last minute decision to go for a Busso V6 came in the way.

500 examples of the Turbo Evoluzione were produced in spring 1987 to meet Group A requirements. The car had many modifications compared to the normal turbo model including brakes, suspension, wheel bearings etc.. The engine was down-sleeved to 1,762 cc (normally 1,779 cc) or 80mm to 79,6mm and while the claimed power is the same as in the standard turbo, this engine is better suited for power upgrades than the standard 75 Turbo engine. Reasoning behind this was that it allowed the engine size to be multiplied by a factor of 1.7 giving just below 3.000 cm3. That again allowed for a lower minimum weight that if it had a theoretical engine volume of above 3.000 cm3.

Evoluzione body kits reduced Cw from 0,36 til 0,33 (11 km/t increase i top speed with same power).

This one has a number of modifications:
  • Original turbo replaced with Garrett gt2860rs turbo
  • Extra instruments to keep track of air/fuel ratio and turbo pressure:
  • AEM AFR 30-4100 UEGO Gauge-type
  • AEM Tr Boost 30-4350 Boost Controller 
  • Custom 2,5” stainless extractors and straight through exhaust. 
  • Simons rear muffler. 
  • Yellow konis
  • SZ/RZ rear calibers & ventilated discs 
  • 17" compomotive alloys 
  • Avon 215/40 17”zzr semislicks. 

According to Automobilismo Storico, Alfa Romeo
Centro Direzionale documentation files chassis number
ZAR 162B1000059158 originally corresponds to an
Alfa Romeo 75 1.8 I.E. Turbo Intercooler, manufactured on
the 10th March 1987 and sold on the 13th May 1987 in Brescia, Italy.
The chassis number is included in the “Evoluzione” series.

Importeret to Denmark on the 15th May 2000.

    • Width 1.660 mm
    • Length 4.360 mm
    • Height   1.290 mm
    • Track rear 1.352 mm
    • Track front 1.373 mm
    • Cw 0,33 (normal 1,8 75 Turbo 0,36)
    • Weight 1.150 kg
    • Volume 1.762 cm3 (normal 1,8 75 Turbo 1779cm3)
    • Compression 7,5:1
    • Maksimal ydelse 155hk
    • Top speed 225 km/t ((normal 1,8 75 Turbo 214 km/t)

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